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A short(ish) version of my story and who I am...

I fell in love with the art of photography when I was very young. The whole process captivated me. I loved every step. Taking the photos, dropping off the roll of film, even filling out the form & putting my own name & address on the envelope. Then picking it up a week later and looking through and sorting out my favorites. 
My obsession has never faltered but instead grew larger. When I hit high school I took every photography class that was offered. Going into the dark room was my sanctuary. I had the most amazing teacher who always encouraged me to pursue photography as a career. When I was 17 I booked my first wedding & I was taking my fellow classmates senior portraits. That was nearly 13 years ago.

 Over the last decade, my love for photography has never changed but the reasons why I love it have most definitely grown. Having now had three children, I fully understand the importance of wanting to capture & freeze time. I am always asking myself, 'Why do they have to grow so fast?'. I know many of you can relate to that sentiment. But I love being able to look back through old photos I have had taken, or that I have taken of them and relive those moments. I love seeing the look on their faces all snuggled in my arms. That's what I want to give to my clients. That feeling of joy when you walk by a photo on your wall or looking through an old album. Capturing this precious time in your life, no matter what the phase, it's all special and important and will be priceless memories in just a few short years.

I pour my heart into every session I book. I know choosing a photographer is an important decision and I want you to absolutely love your photos & the memory of your experience with me. Want to get to know me better? Feel free to send me a message via my contact form! And come follow along with me on insta!

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